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In fact, the sealing strip will be pasted on the doors and windows of the automatic mixer and the welding seam. This is also the operation to ensure the sealing performance. Otherwise, these cracks will be easily filled with the sand outside, which will cause a series of bad phenomena such as corrosion. Today, we will share with you about the daily maintenance of the sealant strip of the automatic mixer.
1. Check the sealing strip of the automatic mixer for any big cracks and cracks. If the seal breaks, the adhesive can be used to repair it. Especially, the special adhesive for sealing strip can easily mend the large crack strip. Of course, if the seal is seriously damaged or aging, it is not easy to replace the new seal as much as possible.
2. After the driver uses the detergent of automatic mixer to clean the sealing strip of doors and windows, he shall try to apply a layer of high permeability protective agent, which can not only prevent the seal strip from aging but also greatly improve the sealing property of the sealing strip. In addition, the gap between the sealing strip is easy to fill with dust, which can cause corrosion. To do this, the dust and other dust should be cleaned with a brush.
3、在更换整个机身时,应在焊缝的搭接部分涂一层密封胶,胶层厚度应约为1mm,并且胶层不得有虚粘、气泡等缺陷。在整个地板下表面和前轮罩下表面应涂3mm-4mm的弹性涂层及防腐涂层。这些措施不仅可以大大增强整机的密封性和减慢机身的锈蚀速度,而且还可以大大提高乘坐舒 适性。
3. When replacing the whole fuselage, a layer of sealant shall be applied to the lap part of the weld. The thickness of the adhesive layer shall be about 1mm, and the adhesive layer shall not have defects such as false adhesion and bubble. 3mm-4mm elastic coating and anti-corrosion coating shall be applied to the whole floor surface and the lower surface of front wheel housing. These measures can not only greatly enhance the sealing property of the whole machine and slow down the corrosion speed of the fuselage, but also greatly improve the ride comfort.
4. The sealing of the door and the fuselage is a difficult part. The sealing requirements are strict, the parts to be sealed are long, the cross-section shape of each sealing part is different, and the door is opened and closed frequently. Three or four seals are often set on the automatic mixer, and the structure of the four seals at the front pillar and cross beam on the top side is installed. This kind of multi-channel seal is generally arranged in the front door seam, besides having the sealing function, it also has the function of sound insulation and noise reduction of the steam turbine.
5. After the window glass is damaged, the driver shall check whether the sealing strip is damaged when changing the glass. Because the window is often unable to return to the original shape after repair, in addition to ensuring that it can be easily pulled or lifted, the sealing around the window glass should be paid attention. If the gap between glass and glass notch is uneven, the rubber strip is in bad contact with glass and glass groove, the driver can easily pull the sealing strip off by hand.
6. When the driver changes the set-top, he shall first apply a layer of conductive sealant at the pressing place around the set top, and then apply the edge glue in the water trough and the joint after welding. This will not only help the sealing of the fuselage, but also prevent the body from corrosion due to the water accumulation in the flanging weld.
7. The roof of automatic mixer is the basic configuration of most domestic car machines. When the sunroof of the steam turbine is open, the track of rubber seal strip is exposed to the air, which will inevitably accumulate dust and even run into small gravel. Long term use may cause the sunroof to deform due to wear and plug the drain hole. Therefore, it is very important to clean the track regularly and apply lubricating oil to the track.
Although the sealant strip of automatic mixer is a small part in the body, it can ensure the door of the switch machine is stable and heavy, and it can also prevent wind and rain, dust, heat insulation and sound insulation, and decorate the edge of door and window. When the body is subjected to vibration and distortion, the sealing strip also plays the role of buffering, absorbing shock and protecting glass. Therefore, the maintenance of automatic mixer is no small matter, and any link can not be ignored.